Good night, it has become morning, its been a long night fiddeling with fiddlystuff,

so just a quickie.

eaven leaving the tough old boots on.

I think this will be milk

but now for some wine-

must fall fall fall and not think at all.

4 thoughts on “night”

  1. lizards2 b
    holy grounds unholy
    the sw
    cruel at hatred
    fom heavan a sign
    disclose at the 3 from all times
    the rainbow shune over a trainbridge shine.
    The crane
    hovering like a bird of prey.
    the magickswar was fought. with the tears never to endured.
    The plight of rteasoning
    tzhe own step behind.the choir, never sang, where you didn’t listen. many places y

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  2. Well the colour scheme looks like milk so far. Beautifully poetic first post. Welcome to KIA, we hope to see more of your contributions here and in the forums. Let me know if you need anything… 🙂

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